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Over the years we have had a rise in calls from customers who have had a go at fitting a towbar and electrics to their vehicle themselves and come accross problems ranging from simply removing the bumper to more serious issues such as management lights illuminating the vehicles dash due to incorrect testing of wires and fitting of the electrical components.If you are thinking of fitting your own towbar and electrical system to your vehicle please be advised to check what it entails,do you have the required tools such as a certified torque wrench, a thread tap is more often than not needed as well as special drill bits and so on.

If you have purchased your own equipment and found the task to daunting to complete we now offer a service that includes an ATUK technician fitting your pre purchased equiipment at your home or work putting your mind at ease and saving you any costly repair bills and visits to the dealer to rectify any damage to the vehicles panels or electrical system.

  • All products must be new and complete

  • We  will quote each installation individually

  • We will guarantee the workmanship but cannot guarantee the products

  • We will not fit used tow bars and or bolt kits

Our advice is simple, please check what is involved in fitting the towbar as  some jobs may take an experienced technician up to five hours to complete with all the correct training and equipment.01254 232808 for expert advice

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