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I have only just bought my car and I do not want my bumper cutting!

This is something we hear on a daily basis so we decided to give you a little insight into what makes us different from the other Towbar installers...

Towbar manufacturers are now starting to get the idea that the minimal invisible cut is always the next best option to a non needed bumper cut, hence more and more new towbars are designed with this in mind and probably 50% across all bars don't actually need a cut.

Now for the other 50% of towbars that do need a cut... These need a steady hand and the patience of a saint to ensure a satisfactory and minimal finish. Out of this 50% we would say 35% are invisible, unless you got down on hands and knee and looked underneath the vehicle.

Why choose us to install your Towbar with care and precision?

1. When ordering the towbar for your vehicle we check all instructions to the bar and ensure that the Towbar agreed for installation has the least if no appearance effecting issues to your vehicle.

2. So we have the towbar in stock and installation is planned.

3. Upon arrival the technician will check the instructions to see what the tolerance levels are within the cut and if any movements on it can be made.
(most manufacturers make the bumper cuts that little bit bigger in the instructions to allow for differences vehicle to vehicle)

4. The technician will only cut the bumper where it is required to make the Towbar fully functional yet as invisible as possible.

5. Our bumper cuts are not performed via Jigsaw. This can damage the bumper and the vibration and heat generated by the blade cutting through plastic can cause the paint to bubble or even flake off. We have perfected our own trade secret which keeps the paint intact and cut as smooth as possible.

Why do we do it different? Why not just follow the instructions to the rule??

We will show you why in the form of some instruction images direct from some of the towbars (OE SPEC) which we fit.

With both of the instructions above we have calculated that we can save a minimum of 10mm of plastic from the bumper by undercutting the manufacturer recommended cut. This has no impact on the towbar and does not catch or foul the towbar in any way.
But these towbar instructions actually have dimensions.. Experience in fitting Towbars every day shows that this is not always the case..

Now for some instructions where experience and ingenuity plays a key role!

See any numbers or dimensions?
Vauxhall Insignia and Volkswagen Passat, both quite popular vehicles but both with no cut dimensions. This is where our experience kicks in and separates us from the competiton. Technical ability and attention to detail will always win here over guessing games. One wrong move here and it becomes expensive.

Now for the specialist..

On 10% of detachable towbar vehicles we will not perform bumper cuts because these require dealer specific bumper trims which hide the towbar neck receptacle. Cutting these bumpers would make an absolute mess of the rear of the vehicle and is highly advised against. We deal direct with the dealers so we can source these parts at trade cost. Contact our team for more info 01254 232808

We make our website great by being Honest, Informative and packed with relevant information.

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