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Parking sensors


With cars getting bigger and parking spaces tighter, scrapes are all too common when you are parking your vehicle! Repairs to put right any scratches and dings that might result from a clumsy manoeuvre are expensive, so it pays to get a little help when you’re reversing.

Even touch-parking can leave unsightly scrapes on the painted bumpers of today’s models. These could require a visit from the SMART repair van in order to maximise your vehicle’s value before you sell it.

Reversing aids are fitted to many new cars, but there are also plenty of retro-fit solutions, ranging from simple audible warnings to full-colour cameras and screens. Some of the former are combined with small visual displays, yet there is nothing like actually seeing where you are going. That’s where the cameras and monitors come in.

Colour matching on all of our installations

One colour does not fit all !

We do not offer a one colour fits all, we believe that if the colour is island grey metallic then that is what it should be coded with. Many companies offer a colour coding service but do not live up to the exact match standard. They order in the nearest match.
Our sensors go through the same treatment as the car in the painting process.

  •    Correct priming

  •    Colouring to exact match

  •    Lacquering and finishing

We are not aware of other company confident to offer the 2 year warranty in painting and finish.

   We fit parking sensors to Brand new vehicles at dealerships before the end user has seen his or her vehicle.
   We have our work inspected by the Dealership master technicians and PDI inspectors before delivery of vehicle

The importance of a perfect colour match
Why ask for a dealer spec parking sensor system if the colour match does not live up to the finished standard of the dealer. We only use dealer and insurance approved bodyshops to apply the colourcoding of sensors for vehicles. This enables us to offer a good warranty for our customers and also helps local business.
When you come to sell your vehicle you want to retain as much value as possible so why fit a cheap alternative that looks nothing like Orignal Equipment?

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