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Trailer towing


• Ensure that the vehicle, trailer and tyres are in good condition

• Always fit the breakaway cable or secondary coupling properly

• Use cable ties to keep the electrical cable clear of the road

• Always check lights before leaving on a journey

• Secure and stow items safely within the trailer/caravan

• Keep the centre of gravity of the load as low as possible

• Check the nose weight with bathroom scales and blocks at the coupling height

• Do not exceed weight limits

• When coupling up to your vehicle, it is easier to swing a trailer sideways than pull it forward

• Reposition your vehicle if necessary rather than make hard work of manoeuvring

• Stop shortly after beginning a journey to recheck the load

• Use gears to assist braking when descending steep hills

• Check wheel hubs for heat to ensure that the brakes are not binding

• Never disconnect trailer brakes

• Carry a spare wheel

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