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Trailer stability

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This is aimed to increase your understanding of motor vehicle Trailer Stability Programme systems and demonstrate what a huge safety impact they will have on the towing vehicle of the future. Incidents such as the one above could be a 'thing of the past'?Since 2003 a growing number of vehicles have been built with a newonboard communications protocol called CAN (Controller Area Network). CAN is essentially an engineering standard for how computers and modules talk to one another via the serial data bus in a vehicle's wiring system. It's a high speed standard designed for powertrain control modules, antilock brakes and stability control systems.

The CAN protocol was created in 1984 by Robert Bosch in anticipation of future advances in onboard electronics. The first production application was in 1992 on several Mercedes-Benz models but CAN is now being widely used on more & more new vehicles.

Activated driver assistance systems inform the driver about all relevant data being transferred around the vehicle - the corresponding display is then activated either in the instrument or central panel display.

TSP (Trailer Stability Program) is now being introduced to many vehicles including all new Volkswagen models and is highly relevant for the towing driver. These systems are easily fitted by qualified technicians and will fast become an important safety feature. A simple programming change made to the existing ESP (Electronic Stability Program) will allow the towing vehicle to correct a 'snake' in a trailer or caravan.

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