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Weighing the (significantly important) weight of the coupling on the tow ball is typically done with the help of a balance or a nose weight gauge. The balance, having not been designed for this job, is inaccurate and too heavy to take along on a trip.

A plastic or metal nose wheel gauge functions with a steel spring, because of this it is also very inaccurate and being under contant load presents a danger if the housing fractures allowing the spring to "explode".

The Reich TLC towbar load control combines a fine design with utmost accuracy and avoids problems associated with a wheel nose guage.

Digital read out in steps of 1 kilo and of course no spring.

Requires 2 x AA-batteries £59.99


  1.  Pole is coupled to the tow bar.
  2. Put the hand brake on the pole.
  3. Uncouple the pole.
  4. Place the pole on the correct height of the tow bar.
  5. Clamp the TLC in the pole.
  6. TLC is now located above the tow bar.
  7. Reset the TLC to zero by pressing the red knob.
  8. Turn the nose wheel in completely.
  9. Read out the weight on the TLC.
 10. Remove the TLC before you drive away!

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