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Towbar fitting is not a job for the unqualified!

Following the introduction of the EWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval) law in 1998, particular parts on a vehicle have to be type-approved by the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency). Towbar manufacturers Westfalia and Witter have to put their product through a number of stress test sequences, which apply forces and run for a number of cycles.

As a result of such stringent testing, both manufacturers and customer alike have a towbar fitting which is designed, tested and approved, giving a high degree of safety and greater reduction in failure of the towbar.

Advanced, complex electrical systems has accelerated designs in recent years. Where at one time, a length of 6 or 7 core cable and a handful of crimp connectors were used, this is no longer an option. Modern "CAN bus" systems cut down cabling on the towbar fitting, but require the expertise of a specialist company in order to be installed correctly.

For example: on an Audi A6, there are features which need to be activated by changes in the car's central electronics. This includes alterations to the car's ESP system to help prevent 'snaking' action and modifications that affect the vehicle's Active Cruise Control and Level Control. Without these, your safety could be compromised.

Many manufacturers are now insisting that towing electrical installations have a vehicle-specific application. It is important for you to be aware of this and as a result, it is now becoming essential you have your towbar fitting handled by specialists.

Certain insurance firms will stipulate that your vehicle must have the appropriate vehicle-specific wiring installed, which has the necessary safety features active - otherwise they will not insure your trailer/caravan!

Attempting to fit a towbar yourself could not only invalidate your vehicle's warranty, but could also increase your insurance premiums.

Using and working with modern towbar technology requires a very high level of expertise and thus towbar fitting can no longer to be viewed as a D-I-Y job!

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